Information for Law Enforcement

arrestHow does the JAC benefit law enforcement?
One of the goals of the JAC is to save time for law enforcement.  Prior to the JAC’s opening, law enforcement officers were responsible for supervising any arrested, non-detained youth until they could be transferred to the custody of their parent or guardian.  This sometimes took several hours.  The average time that a law enforcement officer now spends dropping off an arrested youth and getting back on the road is about ten minutes.

Why should law enforcement officers call ahead to 258-3461 or 258-3471 when bringing an arrested youth to the JAC?
For the process to work efficiently, the officer is requested to call ahead.  This allows the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) screening staff to check for past records, to begin the paperwork, and to alert the officer of any other issues.  If DJJ staff determine that the youth is on probation, they can alert the officer that Violation of Probation paperwork will also be need to be completed.

How can the JAC assist law enforcement officers with its pre-delinquent services?
Law enforcement officers no longer have to say to families who request assistance that, “We can’t do anything until your child breaks the law.”  Law enforcement officers should direct families to contact the JAC at 258-3450.  JAC staff will assist families in accessing the services they need.

What is the civil citation program?

The JAC’s civil citation program provides an alternative to arrest with timely interventions for youth who have committed minor crimes.  Youth meet with the Civil Citation Coordinator within one week of receiving a citation.  Youth are typically assigned community service hours and/or a service learning project as a consequence of their offense.  For more information about the Civil Citation Program go to Frequently Asked Questions About Using Civil Citation.

How can the JAC assist law enforcement in working with delinquent youth?

JAC staff attend daily detention hearings and track youth who are placed on “Home Detention.”  Upon request, law enforcement officers are placed on an email distribution list to receive the daily Home Detention List.  Call the JAC at (239) 258-3450 for more information.

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