About Us

JAC entranceThe Juvenile Assessment Center or “JAC” is a partnership between community agencies that assists both “at-risk” and arrested youth and their families.

“At-Risk” Youth
Families with concerns about a youth that may be “at risk” for delinquency but has never been arrested may access assessment and referral services through the JAC. Prevention counseling is provided on-site by Lutheran Services of Florida, which includes individual and family counseling.

Arrested Youth
When a youth is arrested in Lee County, the arresting officer brings the youth to the JAC.  While at the JAC, assessment professionals interview the youth to determine his/her risk for reoffending and to assess his/her need for services. The JAC assists in linking each youth and family to community resources to address the youth and family’s specific needs.

Arrested youth in Charlotte, Hendry, and Glades Counties who are eligible for secure detention are also booked at the JAC before being transported to the Southwest Florida Regional Detention Center.