Civil Citation

The Lee County Civil Citation Program provides an alternative to arrest for youth who have committed a low level misdemeanor crime and have had no prior arrests.  Youth referred to the Lee County Civil Citation program are assigned timely sanctions by the Civil Citation Coordinator which includes, but is not limited to, community service hours.  Youth with identified service needs may also be referred for substance abuse counseling at the Juvenile Assessment Center or for other services within the community.

What crimes are eligible for issuance of a civil citation?
By statute, civil citations can only be issued for misdemeanor crimes.  Civil citations cannot be used for ordinance violations or traffic infractions.

How can a law enforcement officer find out if a youth is eligible for a civil citation?
Call the Department of Juvenile Justice at (239) 258-3461 to confirm that a youth has no prior arrests and is eligible for the Lee County Civil Citation Program.

Note:  Faxing a copy of the civil citation to (239) 258-3474 or scanning helps to insure that the Civil Citation Coordinator has the information needed to process the case in a timely manner in the event that the civil citation form is delayed in arriving at the JAC.

For questions about the Lee County Civil Citation Program call (239) 258-3466.